The first children mechanism RPG room escape games in Hong Kong


Sherlock Holmes Detective Academy (S.H.D.A.) is based on an original story “Detective game” (writer: Ming Law) in a discuss forum. The story is about a group of graduates from S.H.D.A. are invited to join a case investigation.


S.H.D.A. is a college which specialized on training professional detectives, criminal psychologists, lawyers, agents, etc. Every year, thousands of students from all over the world come to interview for a place in S.H.D.A., but they will only start a class which maximum for 20 students. It proven that the students who can study in S.H.D.A are the tops of the elites.


There is now Primary Department and Professional Training Departmentin S.H.D.A.



Features of Children's Room Escape Games:

To provide children with comprehensive and diverse educational development, nurturing children's interests and discovering their brain potential.


By role plays and escape games which children have great interest to join, we are able to train up their IQs (Intelligence Quotient), EQs (Emotional Quotient) and AQs (Adversity Quotient).


In Taiwan, Children's Room Escape Games developed so fast that only just a single morning; more than 100 children are playing in it. We hope to become the promoters of Children's Room Escape Games, and provide happy fun games as a great parent-child activity for children and parents in Hong Kong.





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