Our venue divided into two compartments - 
The Escape Rooms and The Detective Hall

What is Room Escape??

Room Escape is a game. In this type of game, the player's perspective is usually dominated by the first perspective (or by using the third perspective to play the hero's mode).


It is often confined to a near-enclosed environment, requiring the discovery and use of nearby objects (tools), complete the specified task (usually the way to solve puzzles), and ultimately achieve the purpose of escaping from the area.


Time Limited

Children escape room time limited to 30mins. Players can use their escape time to check their own level:


Successful escape (time spent)~

0-15mins: Top class Detective

15-25mins: Senior-level Detective

25-30mins: Middle-level Detective

Failed to Escape: Primary Detective



For the 45-minute theme "The Truth of Baker Street Ripper", players can use their escape time (including escape from room + find the real Jack Ripper + find evidence) identify their own level:


Successful escape (time spent)~

0-20mins: Super class detective

20-35mins: Inspector

35-45mins: Criminal Investigation officer

Failed to escape: Please return to the primary department for improvement


The Detective Hall

The Detective Hall

The Detective Hall allows little investigators to use different tools in person to explore and find out different clues to infer the whole stories and answers of the unsolved case in detective hall.


In the detective hall, parents can also explore together to increase parent-child relationship!