The venue occupies an area of ​​more than 1700 feet. It has a large living room and children can take some rest after the game. It can accommodate up to 25 people at the same time. It is suitable for large groups, companies, and institutions to host different types of activities. It is definitely a good place for team building or gathering of friends such as birthday party.


In addition, if your group got more than 8 children want to play room escape, we encourage you to join our Private Escape-game package.

- To ensure that the venue is clear and hygienic, parents and little detectives should take off shoes before entering the court.
- Number of Game Masters will depend on the party size
- Number of Souvenir sets will be given to each participants depending on the package chosen.
- Participants will only be charged when they enter the game room (Parents/guardians will not be charged while waiting inside our detective living room.)
- Children who are 6 years old or below MUST be accompanied by an adult.


- Private Party/ Business rental package details and prices

- Private Escape-game package details and prices

- School/ Business Cooperation details


If you are interested in the above, you can call us during office hours, or contact us through the following channels.


Tel: 35946609

Fax: 37058224

Whatsapp: 69186815




please deposit half of the fee to our bank account and
whatsapp back the receipt to confirm the booking.
the bank account:
Hang Seng Bank