Schools, Business Cooperation

We are pleased to work with different schools and companies to provide healthy educational extra-curricular activities and summer classes for children aged 6-13. The company occupies more than 1,700 feet and has a large lounge that can accommodate up to 25 people at the same time.

We have now opened three children's escape rooms. The themes of the stories  are "Snow White", "Sima Guang" and "Treasure Island." Children need to escape  from the room within 30 minutes to complete the task. We can also specially arrange Team Challenge for school kids by calculating the total escape time of the three rooms. The fastest team wins the victory.

 In addition, we provide Authentication Technology Learning Classes that will explain the investigators’ forensic techniques. Students can use different tools to explore and find clues to experience the work of investigators. We also have Board-Games Tutorial Classes, suitable for different interest groups and students who enjoy reasoning .

 If your school or your company is interested in organizing a packaged event for students at a preferential cooperation price, please contact Nicholas to discuss (tel: 69186815). Thank you!

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