[Halloween & Christmas Limited Theme] Room 7: Lost in Star War


For learning the true power of Force,
We are now taking a spaceship to reach out to Master Yoda.
Unfortunately we are stuck in the battlefield and captured by Dark Vader.

Number of players : 2-6
Suitable Ages : 6-13 years old
Difficulty :!!! ! 
*Little Detectives require high concentration & agility to complete the tasks.


To all little detectives, our escape rooms for those aged above 13 is now available for your challenge.

[Advanced Studies Department] Room 4: The Truth of Baker Street Ripper





In the London City of 1888, there was a serial murder case in which a total of five sex workers were killed and their internal organs were being taken away.

The murderer who claimed himself [Jack the Ripper], sent a provocative letter to the police and claimed that he would continue to commit crimes. The police decided to find the most famous detective “Sherlock Holmes” to help find Jack the Ripper and prevent the murders from continuing.


It was at this time that YOU, the time-travel detectives, returned to London in the year of 1888, to assist Sherlock Holmes in the tracing of Jack the Ripper.

After several days of investigation, you have locked the murderer in five suspect targets, but unfortunately at the same time, the ripper aware your existences and threats. Therefore, Jack the Ripper set up a bureau and misleading you that ‘you thought’ you had found the scene of the 6th victim, fainted and locked all of you into the cage, and prepared to draw Holmes into the trap too.


All time-travel detectives, you only have 50 minutes. Please escape from the prison and find evidence in the scene to identify the real murderer and tell Holmes immediately.


Number of players: 4-6

Suitable Ages: 13 years old or above, or players who have completed Room 1-3

Notice: This room includes scaring and disgusting content, the paticipants aged under 16 should get the consent of their parents or guardians.


Time limit: 50 minutes*
*For those just sucessfully escape but cant find the truth of Jack the Ripper, they will just recive the highest reward of Inspector, instead of God of Detective.

Every Monday to Friday: $138 per person;

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: $168 per person

[For those under 13 years old, now we can adjust difficulty level] Time Limit : 40 mins
Price for all period : $128 per person



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